Developed specially for distance learning - The Art is an easy-to-use home study online art course.

4 extensive modules

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Course benefits


Lock-down friendly

100% of this course can be studied and completed from within your own home


Explore materials & techniques

Loaded with practical information on materials, techniques and ways of working 


Packed with theory

Referring to a broad range of artists and art theory to reinforce what you are learning and why


Develop your own artistic style

By learning different techniques and exploring ideas, you will develop your own ways of working

outstanding -value

Outstanding Value

Extensive and well respected course in an easy to use format


Get Creative!

Explore materials, subjects and your own creativity within a structured framework


Set your own study timetable

Study 7 - 8 hours a week for 12 weeks. Set aside a day a week or an hour a day!


Hints and Tips

Extra help with common pitfalls taken from real student's questions at the end of every task

How it works


1. Enrol!

Enrol and receive your account details, timetable and a materials list.


2. Work through the course

Work through the lessons week by week with the timetable and ongoing support.


3. Graduate - you are an artist!

Get your certificate of completion and start your life long journey as an artist!

Enrol today for only $47 for lifetime access to The Art

Get all 4 modules and all future updates and benefits.

Praise for The Art

"This course is easy to follow, at times challenging but gives achievable goals that even I as a complete novice (no drawing or painting experience whatsoever) had the confidence to have a go and stick with.  It really opened up a new world for me, a fantastic world that I thought I would never explore."
Finton O’Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland

"Amanda Morse-Brown's in depth knowledge of both art theory and technical methodologies underpins the design of the course which is both enjoyable and educational. It is undoubtedly suitable as either a thorough preparation for commencing a more formal qualification or as a fulfilling stand-alone experience. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough.
Dr Damon Taylor, University of Brighton, UK

"I hadn’t considered a distance learning course before as I thought it would be difficult to organise and I was worried about getting real feedback from a real person! I have loved being able to work from home at a time that suits me. Brilliant course, well written, do it!!"
Louise Jones, Denver, US.

"The feedback to the work I produced throughout the course was always useful and encouraging. It made me see my own work and that of other artists through different eyes. I feel I learned a lot, and I can see (and feel) the difference in the latest works I produced outside the course too. So, thank you very much for the good course!"
Christiane Schmalen, Luxembourg

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