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Hi, Amanda here. I studied Fine Art, specialising in Painting at University and qualified as a teacher in 1998.

I have taught art in all its forms over the past twenty years in high schools to students up to the age of 19, ran workshops in the community for all ages and worked in mental health care settings using art therapeutically and of course tutored well over a thousand people on The Art over the past 8 years. I know and understand the power and profound effect that making art has on a person. For me art is the best meditation, the best therapy there is, and it focuses my thought like nothing else.

When I paint it is my time, I don’t think of anything or anyone else and that special relationship I have with the canvas is built on a firm understanding of the fundamental elements of art. In the course, I share my knowledge and experience and you will learn techniques and theory before injecting your own creativity - finding your artistic style and looking at where you go next.

Living by the sea in Cornwall, UK, my own work is heavily influenced by natural forms that live by the shore.

Living by the sea in Cornwall, UK, my own work is heavily influenced by the natural forms that live by the shore.

John Ruskin said fine art is a relationship between the head, the heart, and the hand. Art simply doesn’t exist without all three, take one out and it loses all value. We wipe the slate clean and start by training how you look and see objects and how you control your hand. You start to understand theories like perspective and colour and think about what you are making. Finally the heart; I help you to explore your own creative side, be independent and develop your own artistic style so moving beyond the course, you have a focus, a direction all the while learning to see the world and others art work through new eyes.

This course uses subject matters that are easily available, you will find that you already have a lot of what we use around the home and a comprehensive shopping list means there is no waste and we don’t use expensive equipment.

Whether you want a break from your desk, a new career, to dive in to something real, something you can touch in this digital age, connect with your senses or learn a new hobby, join The Art and the many many past students who have got so much out of this online course and community.

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