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Developed specially for distance learning, The Art is an easy-to-use home study online art course.

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Why our students love The Art


A complete introduction to drawing and painting

The well-respected online art course is progressive, building and combining your skills and techniques gradually.


Distance learning from the comfort of your home

The course is packed with art theory and practical tasks.


A complete introduction to art in just 12 weeks

Based on 7-8 hours work per week, you choose when you work, fitting around your lifestyle from anywhere in the world!


Over 90 hours of learning with practical step by step tasks

The course teaches basic drawing and painting techniques, observe and understand subject matters getting it right from the start.

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" I am passionate about providing quality art tuition and have worked with all ages and abilities over the past 20 years since qualifying as an Art Teacher. So far The Art has supported over a 1000 students from around the world - So whether you are looking for a new hobby or career or to brush up on lost skills, you are in the right place!"

Amanda Morse-Brown. BA(Hons) PGCE

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Praise for The Art

"This online art course is easy to follow, at times challenging but gives achievable goals that even I as a complete novice (no drawing or painting experience whatsoever) had the confidence to have a go and stick with.  It really opened up a new world for me, a fantastic world that I thought I would never explore."
Finton O’Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland

"Amanda Morse-Brown's in depth knowledge of both art theory and technical methodologies underpins the design of the course which is both enjoyable and educational. It is undoubtedly suitable as either a thorough preparation for commencing a more formal qualification or as a fulfilling stand-alone experience. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough.
Dr Damon Taylor, University of Brighton, UK

"I hadn’t considered a distance learning art course before as I thought it would be difficult to organise but I have loved being able to work from home at a time that suits me. Brilliant course, well written, do it!!"
Louise Jones, Denver, US.

“I feel I learned a lot, and I can see (and feel) the difference in the latest works I produced outside the course too. Thank you very much for the good course!"
Christiane Schmalen, Luxembourg