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I signed up for this course because I felt I was lacking some basics and techniques. But the course offered a lot more. By working through the tasks I used materials and learned ways of working I would never have tried or thought of myself. The feedback to the work I produced throughout the course was always useful and encouraging. It made me see my own work and that of other artists through different eyes. I feel I learned a lot, and I can see (and feel) the difference in the latest works I produced outside the course too. So, thank you very much for the good course! Christiane Schmalen, Luxembourg


Having developed a nasty disability over the years that bit by bit resulted in sadly giving up such pastimes as gardening and golf I decided to take the bull by the horns, move on and take a different direction in life…. I decided to become an artist! Going to classes was not an option so having surfed the internet for an online course I came across an eye-catching website called ‘theartcourse.com’ . Having glanced through its contents I immediately could see it was made for my particular circumstances.  This course is easy to follow, at times challenging but gives achievable goals that even I as a complete novice (no drawing or painting experience whatsoever) had the confidence to have a go and stick with.  It really opened up a new world for me, a fantastic world that I thought I would never explore. Having just finished the course, the improvements in building up the skills I have made from day one are steady and at times to me personally are dramatic.  I feel I have now acquired a sound basic knowledge of the fundamentals of painting and drawing that with more practise will I am sure keep on improving.  Thank you Amanda for all your help.  Finton O’Sullivan from Dublin, Ireland


During a sabbatical from work I was looking for an art course which would suit an enthusiastic beginner but which also offered some real depth  without costing a fortune. I chose The Art Course.com as it seemed to offer the ideal combination of content, flexibility and value for money. My experience of the course was even better than I expected. It is well structured and set out, builds up skills gradually but with a clear purpose in each lesson and encourages students to fully explore each subject covered with a range of exercises and extension tasks. Like most things it takes some regular effort to get the best out of it and do the exercises justice, but personally I found it very enjoyable and rewarding. I have not seen any other courses that offer anything like the same combination of great content, support and value for money. Russell Hughes, York.


I am really enjoying the challenge of The Art Course.com. The course is well structured, clear and has kept my interest form the start. Amanda provides excellent tips, providing clear guidance and a lot of encouragement. The course provides a really convenient way to learn about and practice drawing and painting and is great value for money. Marion Greenwood, Middlesex.


I discovered The Art Course.com while searching for an affordable way to reinvigorate my long standing interest in art history, theory and practice. I realised my understanding of many aspects of creating artwork was patchy at best, and wanted to start again from the beginning. The Art Course, with it’s attractively presented website and comprehensive, structured approach to the subject, seemed the perfect opportunity. I have not for one minute regretted embarking on the course, which has been both challenging and inspiring, leading me to think and create in new ways, with media and materials I would never otherwise have considered. The illustrations accompanying each new chapter are beautifully chosen and provide constant examples to the student of what can be achieved. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to gain not just a solid grounding in the theory and practice of art, but also to take the first steps in uncovering their artistic direction and individuality. Philip Youd, Buckinghamshire.


I was looking for an affordable art course which combined drawing and painting which I could study in my own time. I discovered and joined The Art Course.com and have found it well structured, informative and easy to use. One big advantage with this course is having contact with a tutor and other students, which I have found very helpful and encouraging, Barbara Potter, Portsmouth.


My aim is to be able to paint and this course enables me to learn the basics such as colour, tone and most of all the ability to draw. The course is a good starting point if you have always wanted to learn to paint and draw and is excellent value for money, with good constructive criticism on your work. Brian Bridges, Telford.


The course is really interesting and I have learnt more than I expected to when I signed up. The weekly tasks explain everything you need to know and more and they are really easy to follow. I have found some of the tasks challenging but even though I had very little drawing experience I have managed to complete them all. I am really enjoying the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to draw or paint and understand more about art. Rob Pierce, London.


I had been looking for an art course for a long time and had almost given up when I found The Art Course.com. I hadn’t considered a distance learning course before as I thought it would be difficult to organise and I was worried about getting real feedback from a real person! I have loved being able to work from home when I want. Brilliant course, well written, do it!! Louise Jones, Denver, US.


I joined The Art Course.com as I wanted a course I could study at home to build up my confidence and my portfolio before applying for college as I was very shy at sharing my work with others. The course has given me many skills and confidence in different areas of painting and drawing and I felt that help was always close at hand giving me direction where I needed it. I have recently been accepted onto an art foundation course which I start next year. James Wright, Edinburgh.


This course is excellent value for money and buying your own materials keeps the costs down. The content is challenging but achievable and covers most mediums, leaving you to decide which medium will be best for you in the future. It is easy to understand, has good content and is fun to do. The course has been well thought out and for anyone wishing to “have a go” I would not hesitate to recommend it. Pauline Bridges, Telford.