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Christiane Schmalen, mixed media piece


This home study art course aims to promote good practice by building a strong foundation of skills and knowledge at an affordable price. Most materials and subject matters used are inexpensive or free wherever possible to show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn and progress as an artist.

In order to pass savings on to you and make this course great value, we do not subscribe to costly accreditation businesses, we try to restrict our paid advertising and the course is paperless which is also great for the environment! It is a one-off payment with no hidden extras.


 Mixed media piece by Christiane Schmalen, a student on The Art


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The Art provides a perfect introduction to art whichever direction your work takes. If you are looking to further your education in art, do you know that many colleges* accept a good portfolio in place of qualifications such as GCSE or City and Guilds? There is a section on how to build a portfolio at the end of the course to help you with this.

*Always check with the individual institution

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