what isDeveloped for distance learning, The Art Course.com is an easy-to-use home study online art course.

The Art Course.com is four art courses combined into one complete introduction to drawing and painting, offering you outstanding value.   Developed for beginners and improvers, these well respected distance learning art courses are progressive, building skills and techniques gradually. You can learn from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Christiane Schmalen, Pen and wash drawing

Pen and wash study, Christiane Schmalen, student on The Art Course.com

Teaching the skills and knowledge necessary whether you want to become a designer, painter or to simply enjoy drawing. The Art Course.com is flexible and offers outstanding value. 

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 Why study art?

A piece of art conveys information about an object, an emotion, an idea or an opinion in a visual way using skill, knowledge and creativity.

Art is a tangible activity, far removed from today’s digital age. Creating art gives great satisfaction, helps with the ability to problem solve, is linked with cognitive development and self awareness, reconnects your senses, allows you to tap into your creative side and keeps the mind active, so these online art courses will teach you much more than just how to draw an apple! (Although you may draw that as well!) 

Whether you have a busy office job, hectic family life or have more time on your hands and wish to start a new leisure pursuit, these online art courses provide the best start you can give yourself.

The Art Course.com provides clear cut guidance whilst encouraging independance of thought, allowing you to explore your creative side, develop your own thought processes, ways of working and artistic style.



 Learning about art is an exciting journey, why don't YOU get the best start?

Philip John Youd, Landscape

 Watercolour landscape, Philip Youd, student on The Art Course.com


 Is this art course for me?

  • Offering an excellent foundation in art, these 4 combined art courses equip you with skills for further study or personal development
  • Learn how to draw and paint step by step in your own time at home with easy to follow tasks
  • Suitable for home education from age 14
  • Designed to take 4 months - you have unlimited time to complete the course 
  • Art courses build skills and confidence e.g. before starting a life drawing class or painting holiday
  • The online art courses offer flexibility whether you work shifts, live in a rural area or have mobility issues
  • Easy to use format even if you have limited online experience
  • Learn art theory that art classes simply don't have time for

Fruit study by Hazel Storey, student on The Art Course.com.


Do you want to;

  • Support ongoing study, build a portfolio and develop existing skills?
  • Start a recreational activity?
  • Learn more than how to copy an image or ‘paint by numbers’?
  • Reawaken and tap into your creative side?
  • Improve appreciation and understanding of all forms of art?

If so, The Art Course.com is for you!  

 Seated figure by Daniel Moore, a student on The Art Course.com